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ESC Carrier Board


Raytraced Render

This is the MUREX ESC Carrier Board, the world's first open source modular motion control system. In the event of a speed controller failure, the ESC Carrier Board allows for rapid replacement of the components through a hotswap interface. In addition, the board offers inrush current protection for the ESCs. It has a footprint of 146.7 mm x 85.6 mm (5.78 in x 3.37 in).

Current Status

  • V2.0 tested and functional

Detailed Description

The MUREX ESC Carrier board is a two-layer carrier board that can hold up to 6 ESCs. The ESCs are protected from inrush current by Ametherm's AS32_1R030 NTC thermistor, which provides a resistance of 1Ω at 25°C. The board receives 12V and 3.3V input from the MUREX Power Board (opens in a new tab) via the 8-channel Molex 43045-0821 Micro-Fit connector, and data is exchanged via the 2-wire UART protocol with the MUREX Carrier Board (opens in a new tab) through the 5-channel Molex 53047-0510 PicoBlade. The TE 5530843-7 connector is used to connect the ESCs to the ESC Carrier Board. The Molex 43045-0627 Micro-Fit connector is used to output the ESC phases to the brushless DC motors.

Connectors and ICs

Schematic (PDF)

Schematic Preview

To Do

  • V2.0 testing



  • Initial design


  • Refactored pinout of the TE 5530843-7 connector to bring 12V and GND next to phases
    • Refactored placement of the components on the right side of the board to accommodate new pinout and decrease the size of the board
  • Decreased spacing between ESCs to give the board a smaller footprint
  • Thickened 12V traces on the Molex 43045-0821 Micro-Fit connector
  • Removed connectors for 2 ESCs to decrease the size of the board