July 18th, 2023

July 18th, 2023


  • Altan get ur stuff done bro
  • Max get ur stuff done bro

ESC Plans

  • Trap/FOC (no sin)
  • Max will work on another ESC alternative
  • Byran will test ST FOC ESC and integration


  • Watch videos on MATE competition to get a feel for it
  • What does "attempt the impossible" mean?
  • Getting more hands on earlier (seeing what we're making)
  • Know basic EE knowledge (take physics)
  • More soldering
  • Members need to know their responsibilities and push themselves (without taking a toll on mental health)?
  • Showing last year's enclosure and giving a detailed explanation of the parts
  • Cheat sheet for parts and acronyms
  • New members specializing in one category and learning from the previous members in that category
  • Using old parts to do demos
  • Specifics on how parts work together and with which parts
  • "Reading packet"
  • ESC -> Motor -> Thruster chain explanation
  • UDP vs Ethernet vs FFmpeg vs OFDM (going back to explaining technical terms)
  • Diagram of enclosure with current draw at different points