August 6th, 2023

August 6th, 2023

Adam Tang:

  • Looked at jesuit design
    • No sides, efficient modular design with standardized bars
      • Kept walls
        • Water bottle used as floatation/weight
  • Started to combine features of each of our diagrams
  • 6 thrusters instead of 7
    • 2 thrusters at the top instead, at the middle instead of 3
    • Side thrusters moved up, so they are closer to center of mass
  • Thrusters set at bottom of floatation
  • Custom floatation so thrusters can be embedded within
  • Gimbal camera mounted on front, can tilt to see the bottom
  • Optical sensor on the bottom
  • Extra camera on back
  • Wire sleeve to combine wires, bind to the frame to keep wires tucked
  • Angle brackets to keep the two sides of the frame together, nut and bolt to bind them
  • Working on CAD for frame, preliminary budgeting for materials